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I have a hard time talking about struggles and issues.  I try to focus on the present moment and see beauty in the imperfections and struggles of life.  I’ve also learned recently that if people don’t know what you are going through, they can’t help.  So even though this is tough to write and post, I’m hoping that maybe someone might have some ideas to help.  I also promised myself that I would not just talk about all of the good stuff happening and how everything is awesome.  Although, I’m sure no one wants to hear about toilet issues so I might keep those to myself.  🤣

Earlier this year, I almost lost it all and was extremely close to living on the streets (I had less than $50 to my name and bills to pay).  One of my biggest downfalls is that I believe people when they tell me they are going to do things and two big things that would help with my mission did not happen.  

One, my van was supposed to get refinanced as an RV, which would extend the loan and bring down the payment to a more manageable payment amount.  Right now, my van is on a 5-year car loan.  So imagine buying a home on a 5-year loan and you can imagine how much my monthly payment is.  The van company was supposed to make this happen and they didn’t.  I’ve applied to numerous places trying to get it refinanced and keep getting denied.  If any of you know of someone that can help refinance the van for me, I would greatly appreciate the help!

Two, I was guaranteed a remote photo editing job and found out right before I was supposed to start that they decided to use AI technology instead of hiring me.  This one really did me in because I stopped trying to book my own jobs so that I would not be overwhelmed with working my business full-time and a full-time remote job.  So I panic-marketed really quickly and was able to bring in some work for a few months before leaving town thankfully.  I’m currently working on trying to get more people to join my membership on my website, uploading stock videos and photos, and uploading more images for sale to my fine art website and Etsy.  I’m still looking for a remote job or advice on how to be a traveling photographer or how to make money on the road so that I can keep traveling and spreading awareness about ovarian cancer.  I would love any help, thoughts, and/or ideas with this as well.

Thank you all so much for supporting me and helping in any way you can!

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