Meet Valentino

In February 2012, one of my dogs at the time got an aggressive form of cancer at the age of 6. I put him through treatment, but he didn’t make it. While I was talking with my veterinarian (who is also my friend), I told her my other dog Koa was going to be sad and she offered me a puppy that they had at the office. I did not want a puppy, but a couple of days later I took Koa into the clinic to meet Valentino and I brought him home that day!

Valentino was a stray dog that was hit by a car on Valentine’s day and one of the doctors at my vet’s office brought him in and performed surgery on him. He had a broken femur on the left side and he only has scar tissue instead of a hip joint on his right side.

They named him Valentino since it was Valentine’s Day. He is a German Shepard mix, some think with Rhodesian Ridgeback and some think with lab. He is all about supporting his nana and ovarian cancer as well by wearing teal!