The Van Build

I knew that I would not have time to totally convert the van myself, so I decided to hire a company to do it for me. Part of me wishes that I would have done the whole thing myself, but I also know that it would have taken me far too long to complete it. The nice part about building it out yourself is that you know all the ins and outs of how everything works. I’ve been able to do a few things to it after they were done with it and I should be completely done with it in the next month or so. Below, you will see the progress of the build.

The day I bought the van

Solar, weboost, and awning have been put on the roof and wires have been run

The closet, shower, bench seat, fridge and sink cabinet have been installed in the front. In the back, the batteries, inverter, dc charger and all electronics have been installed. The front bunk window has also been installed.

Closing up the electronics in the back and the upper cabinets are built.

Shower faucet and shiplap went in

Ceiling, ceiling lights and the long upper cabinet have been put in

The back bunk window is cut and installed and a fresh water tank, hot water heater, and water pump are also installed.

Kitchen cabinets have been installed

The back end is done! They fully closed in the electronics and put a flash symbol on the door for me! Water pump, hot water heater and fresh water tank are fully ready to go. The outdoor shower is in the box on the right.

Shower and closet are coming along

Flooring is in and paint day

Teal paint, control panel put in, almost time to bring it home!

The day I brought it home!

I replaced the shower and sink faucets and also replaced the water filter under the sink.

The decals have been put on the van!! I highly recommend SpeedPro Desert Valley if you need any wrap job done in the Phoenix area!

I’ve installed a bottom bench cushion and some pillows for the back area. A few of the pillows are filled with blankets to help with storage space!

Everything after this is going to be minor adjustments and additions. Once I’m ready to live in it, I will probably do another post with images from the whole van completed!

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  1. Wow, this is such a great photographic journey! I have no idea what goes into a van build, so watching it go through the process was so enlightening! I can’t imagine the time it would have taken to do every bit of this yourself, so while I understand the desire to know every inch of Kayleigh, I think you did the safest and most efficient thing!

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